Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Lafont Esther

This frame deserves its own blog entry...

All the fashionistas know that animal prints have come back and are here to stay.  As for those of us who don't follow fashion trends religiously, we can appreciate a noticeable change in the atmosphere.  From shoes, to purses, to eyewear... it's all over the place.

Although many eyewear designers feature animal prints, only some achieve a classy and sophisticated look without making you look like you belong in a zoo.

Lafont is a company known for their exquisite designs.  Of course they take a classic uplifting look that suits any face and bring it together with the Leopard print of the season.  That is how Esther was born.

Comfortable and stunning describe some of the features of this frame.  The front of the frame is made out of titanium, making it very light and durable.  Animal print temples make this trendy and unique.  What more can we say... this frame is a must have accessory!  You have to try it on to see the beauty and the appeal.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Custom Sun-clips

For those of you who absolutely have to have a sun clip there is a solution, and the best part is that it fits any frame you want.
One of the biggest inconveniences of having a sun-clip is putting it on and taking it off.  Cosmetically they don't always look appealing either.   This clip is different: easy on, easy off and really great looking.

 Clip attached to the lenses.

Chemistrie clip is a magnetic clip that attaches to the lenses and not to the frame.  This clip is completely custom made with a large choice of lens options and colors.   You can have mirror lenses, gradient lenses, traditional solid colors, and of course polarized lenses with backside anti-glare coating.

Lens appearance when the clip is off.  Observe the small magnets next to the temples.

Although not everyone will appreciate the appearance of the magnets, some frames actually look great with them.  Again...it all depends on how much one wants and needs the clip.  And for those who have to have a clip this option is great since you are no longer limited to the "clip-on glasses" selection.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


A trend that never dies....Aviators.

This season there is a twist.  The latest StyleWatchPoll on People.com features "embellished aviators." 

Miley Cirus, Fergie and Hilary Duff.  

The questions is would you wear this trend?  The answer should be YES.

Still the same timeless look, with a heavier accent over the nose bridge.  Notice that each of the celebrities has a slightly different face shape, and still pulls off this look beautifully.   It is a classy and a trendy look.

For a "softer" aviator look, check these out...

 Slightly modified Aviator look with a pink accent by Mosley Tribes.  

When shopping for eyeglasses and sunglasses, keep in mind it is an accessory.  Whether prescription or not, get something fun and exciting. 

Saturday, January 15, 2011

How to find the perfect eyeglasses?

Many people come into an optical store and ask what shape would fit them best.  There are numerous pairs of eyeglasses that would fit almost any face shape, but here are some guidelines....

1.  Oval Face Shape:  Most styles will look good.  Very easy to find the right look.

Alain Mikli AL0882 in Black.

2.  Round Face Shape:  Ideally, stick with wider, more rectangular frames.  A narrow frame shape will accent the face features beautifully.

Paul Smith PS411 in Black.  

3.  Diamond Face Shape:  Oval, round or square shapes will look great.  

Oliver Peoples Carel in Brown.  Titanium Frame.  

4.  Square Face Shape:  Oval, cat-eye or round shape will add some defining features.


Beausoleil 12 in Brown/black.  

5.  Triangular Face Shape:  Cat-eye, rimless or semi-rimless would look great.  

Gold and Wood Paris A04.  

6.  Diamond Face Shape:  Oval or square shapes fit well.  

Mykita Bjorn in Blackberry.  Flat metal stainless steel, screw-less.

7.  Oblong Face Shape:  Rectangular, square or round shapes compliment facial features.  


Eye'DC V820 in Black.

8.  Heart Shaped Face:  Uplifting shapes work beautifully.  Butterfly, cat-eye or round eyeglasses will balance the facial features well.  

Mykita Heather in Black.

*Rimless eyeglasses look great on most faces.  The shape of lenses can be completely customized for the best fit. 

As a side note, if you go into a reputable optical store you will have a knowledgeable optician and/or salesperson who will know exactly what looks good on you.  Often times you will walk out with the first pair of eyeglasses you try on.  Experienced stylists can spot right away a good look and a nice frame color.  

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Dannie by Oliver Peoples

The most talked about frame of the season is Dannie by Oliver Peoples.  Its traditional appeal with a slightly modern twist make this frame appropriate for most face shapes.  This frame represents Oliver Peoples' timeless design.  It is available in 2 sizes and a few color options.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Holiday Offer

Dear readers of our blog!
As a special holiday gift, we are offering a $100 Gift Certificate to Newton Optica for $50.  This offer expires 12/31/2010.  Gift Certificate can be used until 06/30/2011.  Please call the store for details 617.243.3937.  Don't miss your chance to get a new pair of glasses for an excellent price! 

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Glasses for the Holidays

As the holiday season approaches, we all wonder what to get our friends, family members, significant others......  For anyone who wears glasses and/or contact lenses the answer is easy: get them a new pair of glasses or a gift certificate.  For those lucky ones who have perfect vision, get them sunglasses. 
We often forget that eyeglasses serve an important role.  Of course they help us see the world clearly, but they can also define a sense of style, an attitude, accent facial features and truly make a statement.  Take a look at some of our favorites.  For more, go to www.newtonoptica.com

Maui Jim sunglasses model MJ 502.  Great present for dads and husbands.  Ultra light rimless frame and polarized lenses make these glasses perfect all year!

Paul Smith sunglasses model PS 3009.  Great present for women.  Two-tone frame looks great on everyone.  Excellent accessory.

Alain Mikli eyeglasses model AL1016.  Beautiful mix of trendy colors makes these eyeglasses go with any outfit.  This is a frame that is one of a kind!

Gold and Wood Paris eyeglasses model TA36.  Truly luxurious, absolutely stunning and most comfortable eyeglasses.  If you want a rimless look that is modern and upscale, this pair of glasses is just the right one.

Beausoleil eyeglasses model 822.  This is a classical pair of eyeglasses with a modern twist.  Can be unisex.

Check our website for more beautiful styles, and remember, you cannot go wrong with a gift certificate.  For more information call our store 617.243.3937.  E-mail us at info@newtonoptica.com or visit our location at 1191 Chestnut Street in Newton, MA.  We are located close to Chestnut Hill, Brookline, Wellesley, Needham and Boston.  Easy commute with a parking lot.  And get your glasses before the end of the year to use up your flex spending!!